Angle Broom 48″ Narrow Plate

4 Hour$140.00Daily$140.00Weekly$560.00

Sweep a clean path easily and efficiently with the hydraulically-driven angle broom attachment. Quick removal jobs can be completed without damaging pavement surfaces.

The broom bristles have a waved design, delivering more surface clearing ability. This clears a cleaner path and can sweep more debris in one pass. The angle broom attachment is compact, maneuverable and easy to operate, replacing manual labor and hand brooms. Clean small and large areas with less effort and in less time.

Additional information

Sweep Width (Fully Angled)

41.5 in

Sweep Width (Straight)

48 in

Hydraulic Flow Range - Low

8 gal/min

Hydraulic Flow Range - High

13 gal/min

Mount Style(s)

Mini Track Loader