X-Trac Premium Rubber Track

All Major Equipment Brands
X-TRAC excavator rubber track is designed and manufactured for all major brands of mini-excavators, compact track loaders, mini track loaders, multi-terrain loaders, carriers, dumpers and HDD rigs operating in North America.

Premium Replacement Track
X-TRAC excavator rubber tracks are designed to and exceed OEM specifications with a total integrated manufacturing process in an ISO9001.2008 certified facility.

Metal Core Excavator Rubber Track
X-TRAC metal core excavator rubber track is a third generation joint less track design; produced by integrating steel cord, metal core and rubber components together, the finished product forms a continuous joint less belt. The rubber track is stabilized from slipping off the undercarriage as the iron core component attaches to the sprocket.


Metal Core:
The embedded metal core is forged and heat treated; this process increases the strength of the metal which is critical for the reliable operation of rubber track.

Steel Cord:
Steel cord is wound around computerized cotton reels to create a joint less structure; this in turn, is wrapped and covered with a rubber membrane which reduces friction between cables and results in enhanced durability.

Advance natural and synthetic rubber four stage blending process produces a superior flexible high wear resistance track, combined with good tear resistance, anti-piercing and anti-ageing properties.

Lug patterns are designed to provide maximum traction with increased durability. These completely bidirectional lug pattern tracks are fully interchangeable and can be rotated at any time.

MTL and CTL tracks are available in different track patterns; consult with a product support representative on the options available.

Non-Metal Core ASV Type Excavator Rubber Track

X-TRAC non-metal core rubber track for ASV, Terex and Caterpillar Multi Terrain Loaders.

X-TRAC non-metal core rubber track for Multi Terrain Loaders is designed to allow for maximum flexibility; the use of Kevlar ensures toughness, durability and increases the strength which is critical for the reliable operation of this style of rubber track.

Designed and built for all makes and models of Multi Terrain Loaders, the moulded drive lugs provide superior traction and are completely bidirectional. These tracks are interchangeable and can be rotated to prolong their life.