Brushcat Attachment 66″

4 Hour$250.00Daily$250.00Weekly$1,000.00

Handle tough brush-clearing jobs easily with the industry-leading Brushcat rotary cutter attachment designed and built for applications in construction, agriculture, municipalities, and parks-and-recreation departments. The short deck and lightweight design can be used on many machine sizes.

Using the powerful brush cutting action of the dual offset blades, the Brushcat rotary cutter mulches small branches and saplings — up to 3 in. in diameter — and cuts through the thickest grass and brush. And all while maintaining the proper power-to-blade ratio.

A lightweight, short deck and superior oscillation enable the brush cutter to follow ground contours to maintain a clean cut, even on slopes.

Additional information

Hydraulic Flow Range - Low

15 gal/min

Hydraulic Flow Range - High

24 gal/min

Cutting Width

66 in

Cutting Height

3 in

Vertical Travel

8 in