Compactor, Paver Stone Roller

4 Hour$72.00Daily$90.00Weekly$360.00

Areas featuring large paving stones or slabs require machines that provide gentle, efficient compaction. The paver stone roller produces uniform weight distribution across four rubber-coated rollers to gently compact large slabs, helping prevent shifting and damage. The paver roller can press delicate concrete slabs, porcelain, pavers and natural stones gently into their bedding. The machine is also effective to vibrate polymeric jointing sands into the joints.

Additional information

Weight 386 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 28 × 37 in
Centrifugal Force

3150lb / 14kN

Working Width

26.4in / 670mm

Working Length

28in / 710mm

Height to top of Cage

28in / 705mm