Ozone Generator

4 Hour$58.00Daily$58.00Weekly$174.00

Zontec Electronic Deodorizers eliminate odors and clean the air in your home and business naturally, without the addition of sprays, masking agents, or other often harmful and irritating chemicals.

In nature, the air is cleaned through a combination of three primary mechanisms – OZONE, NEGATIVE CHARGED IONS, and ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT. These three mechanisms remove solid particles from the air (Negative Charged Ions), destroy airborne micro-organisms like bacteria, mold and virus (Ultra Violet Light), and remove odors and chemicals from the air (Ozone).

Zontec products harness the power of these natural processes to provide you with clean, fresh air.

The PA Series of Electronic Deodorizers utilize high concentrations of Ozone to permanently eliminate odors in commercial and industrial applications.