Stump Grinder 31hp, Tracked

4 Hour$300.00Daily$300.00Weekly$1,200.00

Grind larger or multiple stumps quickly and still fit through a 3 foot gate. The tracks allow smooth travel across damp or uneven ground, and the hydraulically driven cutter head will chew through stumps with ease.

Additional information

Weight 1700 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 35.5 × 49.5 in

49.5 in

Length (cutting head to side)

79 in

Length (cutting head straight)

98 in


35.5 in

Hydraulic Flow to Head

13.3 gpm

Track Width

7.1 in

Total Ground Contact

470 sq in

Ground Drive Forward

290 ft/min

Ground Drive Reverse

180 ft/min

Cutting Wheel

19.2″ diameter to teeth

Max. Cutting Depth

12 in

Max. Cutting Height

32 in

Cutting Head Swing

134˚, 99.7″ arc